June 20, 2019


Specializing the business in the provision of Industrial Automation systems, we are strategically focused on providing quality products and implementation services of over five hundred thousands different products of industrial automation for oil and gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining and other manufacturing industries across Indonesia.


  • As the preferred representative and distributor for world-class products, Transavia Otomasi Pratama (TOP) is staffed with a team of professional engeneers and technical support specialists, who are trained to identify and costumize the best automation or power protection solution to your specific needs.


  • To ensure that your business get maximum advantage from the technology architecture which will lead to greater profitability, we also offer intensive costumer training program. This training is methodically designed to outline every products’ features and functions, which in turn will keep your employees skill and knowledge updated and refreshed.


  • We are commited to providing the best support to give your business the competitive advantages with the state-ofthe-art industrial automation technology and systems.



Our vision is to be a leading company which provides industrial solution to our customer’s specific requirements by being innovative, achieving efficiencies, and continually improving in order to increase our competitive advantage in Indonesia and world.


Our mission is always trying to grow as our commitment to shareholders, suppliers, and employees that are loyal and dedicated. We will provide our clients with the high quality product in the industry by :

  1. On-time Delivery
  2. Continuosly improve service

to meet costumer’s satisfaction through motivated and professional employees.