Basic SLC500 with Basic Troubleshooting


This training also provides you with the resources and hands‐on practice required to efficiently program a SLC500 controller using ladder diagrams.

You will have an opportunity to use RSLogix 500 software and perform software programs to meet the requirements of a given functional specification. In addition to using ladder diagrams, you will perform parameter modifications to individual ladder instructions, as well as create and develop ladder diagram programs and routines.


To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required:

• Ability to perform basic Microsoft® Windows® tasks, such as using a mouse, browsing for files, opening, closing, sizing and moving windows

• Understanding of basic measurement and control theory, including basic loop control and device termination



¾ Basic Hardware of SLC500

¾ Configuring Discrete/Digital Modules

¾ Upload/Download Program

¾ Bit Instructions

¾ Timer & Counter Instructions

¾ Using I/O Forcing


¾ Configuring Analogue Modules

¾ Configuring Analogue Data

¾ Compare Instructions

¾ Math Instructions

¾ Monitoring Using Trending

¾ Monitoring Using Data Table


¾ Online Editing

¾ Find & Replace Address

¾ Handle Error Fault

¾ Documenting Project Report

¾ Using EEPROM

¾ RSLinx Classic