TOP#02 – Networking of SLC500 & Network Troubleshooting


This training is a skill‐building programming training that provides you with an understanding of RSLogix500 ladder diagrams and terminology.

This training also provides you with the resources and hands‐on practice required to efficiently program a SLC500 controller using ladder diagrams and networking. You will have an opportunity to use RSLogix 500 software and perform software programs to meet the requirements of a given functional specification. In addition to using networks, you will also adding more I/O quantity handling and gain with variety of network. 


To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required:

• Ability to perform basic Microsoft® Windows® tasks, such as using a mouse, browsing for files, opening, closing, sizing and moving windows

• Understanding networks philosophy

• Understanding of basic measurement and control theory, including basic loop control and device termination


¾ Basic Hardware of SLC500

¾ Configuring Discrete/Digital Modules

¾ Upload/Download Program

¾ Bit Instructions

¾ Timer & Counter Instructions

¾ Using I/O Forcing


¾ Configuring Analogue Modules

¾ Configuring Analogue Data

¾ Compare Instructions

¾ Math Instructions

¾ Monitoring Using Trending

¾ Monitoring Using Data Table


¾ Configure Remote Rack Using RIO Protocols

¾ Messaging Instruction of DH+ Network (SLC to SLC)

¾ Messaging Instruction of DH+ Network (SLC to PLC5)


¾ Messaging Instruction of Ethernet Network (SLC to MLX)

¾ Messaging Instruction of Ethernet Network (SLC to CLX)


¾ Online Editing

¾ Handle Error Fault

¾ Documenting Project Report

¾ RSLinx Classic